One-on-one Private TPT Seller Coaching

Increase your TPT Earnings – Mar 19, 2023 Update: I’m currently accepting 1 or 2 new clients for one-on-one private coaching or digital marketing work. Your most affordable option for feedback is to join the SEOTpreneur PRO community. Read on!

Do you want some specific feedback on your TPT store to help you improve sales and earnings?

Are you stuck or burning out? Have you tried everything but nothing seems to work?

Did you just create four times as many TPT products as last year, but only see a minor increase in TPT earnings?

Maybe you need to use an SEOT mindset?

I wonder how strategies, effort, optimization, and tinkering ideas might help you hit the next digit in your income.

How can you go from double-digit monthly earning to triple-digit?

Or, quadruple-digits?

Or, cinquple? five-uple? What’s the word….

Bah, you know what I mean.

Yup. One hundred dollars. American.

(But, if it makes you feel better, the taxes are included in the price. What!? I have to pay taxes? No, you don’t have to pay taxes – you pay $100 USD per hour. That price includes the HST that I have to collect.)

Why pay Mike $100 USD per hour for TPT coaching?

Because I am different from other TPT Seller “gurus” on YouTube. Here’s why.

I am currently accepting 1 or 2 new small business clients or TPT Seller coaching clients.

I’m very selective with who I take on as a client.


  • Because if you work for money, you get paid for your time.
  • If you work creating assets, you’re creating a money-making machine.
  • I like to focus on creating assets

I really am earning my way to financial freedom.

And, yes, I’m going to bring as many of you in the SEOTpreneur community with me. A rising tide lifts all boats.

(No, I’m not doing the work for you. You do the work; I’ll show you how. And then, once you get past the beginning TPT tadpole stage, we learn from each other by sharing our perspectives in the SEOTpreneur community.)

You cannot become rich by getting paid for labour. (Unless I charge $100,000 per hour and have 10 clients.)

You can become rich by grinding every day and creating assets.

My focus right now is to create assets: on my Educircles brand, and on the SEOTpreneur YouTube community.

Time is the ultimate limited commodity.

I have a space opening up to take on 1-2 more clients.

If you’ve subscribed to the SEOTpreneur YouTube Community, left a few comments, and consider yourself one of the true SEOTpreneurs, email me and ask about the secret sauce bundle.

Do you offer FREE one-on-one private coaching?

As a thank you to SEOTpreneur community members, I might tap you on the shoulder and offer you free one-on-one private TPT store coaching like this.

Unfortunately, I’m not able to look at your store if you email me directly (unless you’re one of my paid coaching clients.)

What do you think about my store or TPT blog? Do you have any specific advice?


Watch this video at 26:18 to see different ways I can help you improve your TPT store!

I love talking about TPT stuff, SEO stuff, and WordPress stuff. It’s even better when we’re talking about all three: TPT SEO WordPress Content Marketing.

If you want specific feedback on your store, ask a question in the SEOTpreneur PRO forums like this.

Learn more about the SEOTpreneur PRO membership.

Are you a TPT Seller YouTuber?

YouTuber? Tuber of You? Hmm…

If you are a TPT Seller with a YouTube channel and you document your TPT journey with monthly income reports, I might be interested in doing some collaboration work with you.

Maybe a free live-stream coaching jam session where we look at each other’s stores, give feedback, and grow both of our audiences?

If you’re interested, find me in the YouTube comments!