Mini Lesson J: Dealing with TPT Problems, TPT alternatives; Next Steps (16 min 04 sec)

FREE TPT Business Course: From Zero to Hero 3. Overcoming TPT Drama & Obstacles Mini Lesson J: Dealing with TPT Problems, TPT alternatives; Next Steps (16 min 04 sec)

Problems are inevitable.

How can we respond to business challenges?

This lesson looks at clickstream traffic patterns to see how much marketshare TPT has compared with some other educational resource market places.

How do you deal with problems as a TPT seller?

Mini Lesson J: Dealing with TPT Problems, Alternatives, and Next Steps (16 min 04 sec)

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How should I respond to the TPT Virus Scandal (or other TPT Drama) (1 min 26 sec)

Dealing with TPT problems0:00:11
Use Equanimity to react to challenges0:01:00
Should I switch to another platform?0:00:15

Looking at TPT Alternatives traffic data to make an informed decision (7 min 02 sec)

Thinking about switching from TPT?0:00:48
SEMRUSH Traffic Data: Amazon Ignite0:01:02
SEMRUSH Traffic Data: Classful0:00:52
SEMRUSH Traffic Data: Classroom Corner0:00:36
SEMRUSH Traffic Data: Creative Market0:00:47
SEMRUSH Traffic Data: Etsy0:00:55
SEMRUSH Traffic Data: Made by Teachers0:00:27
SEMRUSH Traffic Data: Teach Simple0:00:51
SEMRUSH Traffic Data: TES0:00:44

Should I sell my own products (e-commerce store) and the TPT Business Organization Chart (3 min 08 sec)

What should I do? (3 min 12 sec)

I need to do something!0:00:02
Future Proof Your Business + Pay Attention to Change0:00:21
Start building on your own land (domain / email list)0:00:35
Make a business paradigm shift (and think like a TPT hawk)0:00:34
Use Strategies, Effort, Optimization and Tinkering ideas as a process / framework0:00:56
Pay attention to reliable, high quality information and Key Performance Indicators0:00:44

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