Mini Lesson D: Stages of a TPT TEACHERpreneur (17 min 33 sec)

FREE TPT Business Course: From Zero to Hero 2. Your TPT Journey Mini Lesson D: Stages of a TPT TEACHERpreneur (17 min 33 sec)

Everyone talks about this “TPT journey” – now, let’s actually break it down into stages.


Because some “TPT Tips and Tricks” work well if you have an established TPT store… but they’re not a great use of your time if you’re just starting out.

As you go through this section, try to figure out where you are on the TPT journey to TEACHERpreneur financial freedom.

Mini Lesson D: Your TPT Journey – Stages of a TPT TEACHERpreneur (17 min 33 sec)

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Change your mindset: Teacher vs TEACHERpreneur (9 min 32 sec)

Mindset: Teacher vs TEACHERpreneur0:00:47
We need a paradigm shift: Teacher vs TEACHERpreneur side hustle mindset0:00:26
TEACHER: You get paid for working; TEACHERpreneurs only get paid if people are willing to buy the product offer0:00:40
TEACHER: Your income is defined; TEACHERpreneur: your actions influence your earning potential (which is undefined)0:01:22
TEACHER: Danger – sense of entitlement (because work equals pay); TEACHERpreneur: Danger – waste time and money on non-viable products – risk doesn’t pay out0:00:52
Warning: Examples of comments from a TEACHER “work equals pay” mindset0:00:24
“I’m not going to go back and fix 200 products…”0:00:52
Setting your TPT product price based on how much you worked (or number of pages)0:01:03
“You should have told me you were going to change things. Now I have to do more work (because you changed things.)”0:00:54
“You can’t shut down my store. I did all of that hard work.”0:00:51
TEACHERpreneur mindset: taking risk with this SEOTpreneur community idea0:00:48
Learn to have fun with the process and doing inconvenient things0:00:24

Stages of a TPT TEACHERpreneur – INTRODUCTION (0 min 58 sec)

I am here. Where are you?0:00:25

Egg – 0 sales (0 min 33 sec)

Tadpole – 1+ sales (1 min 22 sec)

Tadpole / Hamster (2 min 01 sec)

You might have a viable product…0:00:32
Reminder: TPT product cycle / minimum viable product0:01:11
What is a TPT Viable Product Line0:00:18

Hamster (viable product line) (3 min 07 sec)

About the TPT Content Creation Hamster Wheel0:00:49
Focus on what works!0:00:47
There’s nothing wrong with tinkering; unless you’re only tinkering0:00:31
Hamster: Churning out content0:00:38