Mini Lesson B: Life Cycle of a TPT Product (18 min 10 sec)

FREE TPT Business Course: From Zero to Hero 1. Your TPT Products Mini Lesson B: Life Cycle of a TPT Product (18 min 10 sec)

As you go through this mini-lesson, start to think about what stage your TPT products are at.

Mini Lesson B: Life Cycle of a TPT Product (18 min 10 sec)

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Minds on: How are you feeling right now? (7 min 27 sec)

Social Emotional Learning for Teachers: Self Awareness and Self Management0:00:30
This is about YOU: you are NOT your TPT store; you are NOT your job.0:01:21
What we can learn about Identity from Ed Mylett0:00:45
Selling your resources on TPT is an authentic 21st Century Deep Learning Task0:00:36
Ed Mylett on Identity: you are you0:00:53
Self Awareness / Management vs Business Awareness / Management0:00:24
The goal of this couirse is NOT to provide EMOTIONAL support0:00:29
The goal of this course is to provide CONSTRUCTIVE support0:00:11
How to increase your TPT Business Awareness0:00:49
How to improve your TPT Business Management0:00:30

Life Cycle of a TPT Product (10 min 43 sec)

Seed (0 leaves)0:00:28
Watering the seed0:00:33
Sprout (1+ leaves)0:00:25
Proof of concept – each leaf represents a unit sold to a different stranger0:00:14
The stages of a TPT product are NOT based on pageviews, followers, earnings, or time0:01:57
Look for proof that people you DON’T know are willing to buy your stuff0:00:53
Sapling (10+ leaves) – Minimum Viable Product (MVP)0:01:22
How can you care for this product to get more leaves? (Use feedback)0:00:32
Tree (100+ leaves) – Viable Product0:00:25
Mature Tree (1,000+ leaves) – you can outcompete saplings for resources0:00:40
Snag – decaying tree0:00:18
Nothing lasts forever; niche markets0:00:52
Overview: Life cycle of a TPT product (number of leaves)0:00:31
Seasonal vs Evergreen products0:00:56