Mini Lesson F: Analyzing TPT Whales (23 min 17 sec)

FREE TPT Business Course: From Zero to Hero 2. Your TPT Journey Mini Lesson F: Analyzing TPT Whales (23 min 17 sec)

What can we learn from TPT sellers who are at the top of the TPT search engine ranking pages?

Mini Lesson F: Analyzing TPT Whales (23 min 17 sec)

Slideshow Mini Lesson / Watch the video

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TPT Whale: Top of the Category Page (1 min 33 sec)

So many reviews0:00:59
Deconstructing TPT Whale products to get ideas for our future0:00:06
TPT Whales by subject / current TPT product ID is in the 9 millions0:00:28

Case Study #1 (3 min 53 sec)

Case Study #1: TPT product0:01:36
Case Study #1: TPT Seller Website0:02:17

Case Study #2 (2 min 26 sec)

Case Study #2: TPT product0:01:12
Case Study #2: TPT Seller Website0:01:14

Case Study #3 (3 min 23 sec)

Case Study #3: TPT product0:01:37
Case Study #3: TPT Seller Website0:01:46

Case Study #4 (4 min 17 sec)

Case Study #4: TPT product0:01:05
Case Study #4: TPT Seller Website0:03:12

Analyze: Look for patterns in TPT Whale activity (7 min 45 sec)

What can we learn from TPT Whales? Patterns0:00:24
Life is NOT fair; just because some people get to do it, doesn’t mean everyone can0:00:03
Looking for patterns: PRODUCT ID0:01:28
Looking for patterns: RATINGS and REVIEWS0:00:25
Looking for patterns: LINKS TO WEBSITE FROM TPT PRODUCT PAGE0:00:02
TPT Terms of Service – regarding linking to other websites0:00:19
TPT Community Guidelines – regarding links to other websites0:00:43
TPT Seller Guidelines – regarding links to other websites0:01:17
Looking for patterns: WORDPRESS0:00:05
I’m creating AFFORDABLE TOOLS for TPT SELLERS (i.e. WordPress TEACHERpreneur Theme)0:00:26
Looking for patterns: LINK TO TPT from TPT SELLER WEBSITE0:00:53
Looking for patterns: SCHOOL LICENSE DISCOUNTS0:00:17
Looking for patterns: MEMBERSHIP RECURRING REVENUE0:00:37