Mini Lesson A: Introduction (15 min 42 sec)

FREE TPT Business Course: From Zero to Hero Introduction Mini Lesson A: Introduction (15 min 42 sec)

Mini Lesson A: Introduction (15 min 42 sec)

Slideshow Mini Lesson A / Watch the video

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About This Course (4 min 07 sec)

Why every serious TPT seller should take this FREE course0:00:50
There’s a lot of TPT noise – including me?0:00:35
I’m just a teacher – I don’t know anything about running a TPT business0:00:36
I don’t have time to watch a 3 hour course on my TPT business0:00:17
Just tell me what to do (Why we need a common language as TPT sellers)0:00:43
This course is NOT a tutorial (technical work)0:00:11
This course is a PARADIGM shift0:00:15
Check the video description to see when the NEXT LiveStream will be!0:00:12
Thank you to the SEOTpreneur community for leaving comments!0:00:18

Course Introduction (4 min 57 sec)

Your TPT Journey Introduction – from Zero to Hero0:00:25
Intro: TPT Earning Report – All Time0:00:07
Mike Fuchigami, Host of the SEOTpreneur community0:00:35
Course Overview0:00:30
Thinking about TPT obstacles (i.e. TPT Virus Scandal, Jan 2023)0:00:34
Master Class format: lesson and Q&A livestream0:00:33
Course Agenda / Who the course is for0:01:40
When is the Question and Answer livestream?0:00:33

What stage TPT TEACHERpreneur is this course for? (1 min 35 sec)

If you’re a TPT Egg…0:00:14
If you’re a TPT Tadpole…0:00:07
If you’re a TPT Hamster or TPT Hawk…0:00:12
If you’re a TPT Whale or TPT Planet…0:00:24

About the Course Presenter / Point of View and Bias (2 min 52 sec)

I create Social-Emotional Learning content for students and teachers0:00:43
My role in the SEOTpreneur Community0:01:03

Too Long; Didn’t Listen – Course Summary (2 min 11 sec)